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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

Alex Tonetti is a Senior Cognitive Engineer at IBM Watson Specializing in Java Development.

He has a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. When he is not at work, he likes to explore his hometown of Washington, DC taking photos. As well as put his entrepreneurial spirit to work in various different side businesses.


Alex Tonetti

Personal info

Alex Tonetti

Current Occupation:
Senior Cognitive Engineer at IBM Watson


Know more about my past


  • 2015-Present

    Senior Cognitive Engineer @ IBM Watson

    Chantilly, VA

    As a Cognitive Engineer, my job is to implement various Watson solutions for several different clients around the world. I have successfully stood up instances of Watson Discovery Advisor (WDA), Watson Explorer (WEX), and Watson Engagement Advisor (WEA). I am heavily involved in the ingestion process with several clients in both WDA and WEA, ensuring that data is processed through the Watson pipeline. Additionally, I develop tools that facilitate various aspects of Watson. I created an automated answer variant generator that converts an input into a regular expression containing variants of the input at different levels of specificity, and units where applicable. I have also created tools relating to the cleaning of data—removing difficult characters, cleaning excessive whitespace, merging documents, etc.

  • 2015-Present

    Web Developer & Founder @ Alex Tonetti Online


    The first site I started under the Alex Tonetti Online brand was Alex Tonetti Photography—a site to display my photos. Soon that mere hobby website expanded into a full-fledged business with multiple online stores, an email marketing list, and affiliates. I am solely responsible for the customization and development of the website as well as all other components of Alex Tonetti Photography. For more on information on Alex Tonetti Photography, check out my full article by clicking here .

    The second site I started after Alex Tonetti Photography was Take a Penny, Leave a Penny—a site dedicated to my passion of finance. I created two custom iPhone simulations for users to interact with and read reviews about different apps available to them. The iPhone simulations are built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with JQuery integration. In addition to the iPhone simulations, I created a full-featured blog with an email list, social media profiles, and various other important online business components. For more on information on Take a Penny, Leave a Penny, check out my full article by clicking here .

  • 2014-2015

    IT Technical Consultant @ IBM

    Washington, DC

    I designed, developed, and deployed a Java portlet that tracked the status of documents within the clients system. I managed a small team tasked with documentation of the webMethods component of our clients system. I contributed to the creation of over forty manual regression test scripts for the Test for Production environment. In a shift to continuous integration, I created a Maven version of each portlet project, and created unit test classes with JUnit, Mockito, and PowerMock in order to improve testability. I developed a Java helper application to ClearCase that reformatted exported XML so it could be easily imported into Microsoft Excel. Lastly, I identified, investigated and fixed Java defects within the application.

  • 2012-2013

    Computer Engineering Internship @ T-Rex Consulting Corp

    College Park, MD

    I developed an application necessary for the tracking and security of documents in an attempt to win a loan-scanning contract. I created web forms necessary to the digitalization of the hiring process for the HR department. Also, I assisted the project manager in building requests for proposals, gathering supplier quotes, and maintaining the scheduled timeline for a Department of Commerce contract.

  • 2010-2011

    Summer Engineering Co-Op @ Connection Technology Center

    Victor, NY

    During my first summer at CTC, I successfully implemented an automatic proximity probe testing application, which manipulated a digital micrometer stage using LabVIEW. The application reduced testing time by over 300%. Also, I tested several sensor product lines ensuring there were no manufacturing defects.

    The next summer, I developed the automatic proximity probe testing application for the remaining seven product lines, I streamlined the eight applications into four, as well as maintained and upgraded database tables to better assimilate with future products. At the request of the CEO, I created a daily email reporting services in C# featuring charts using Google’s charting API.


  • 2017-Present

    M.S. In Computer Science @ Georgia Institute of Technology


    The fall of 2017 will be my first semester at Georgia Tech. I plan to specialize in Machine Learning.

  • 2009-2013

    B.S. In Computer Engineering @ University of Maryland

    College Park, MD

    While at the University of Maryland, College Park, I minored in International Engineering and participated in two short term study abroad programs. The first study abroad to New Zealand in the winter of 2010 to study environmental sustainability, and the second to China in the summer of 2012 to study international engineering and business cultures. Some of my relevant coursework included—Object-Orientated Programming I & II, Operating Systems, Algorithms, Discrete Structures, Computer Organization and Introduction to Cryptography to name a few. I participated in several organizations as well—Student Entertainment Events, Kappa Alpha Order, Kid Power After-School Tutoring, Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineering UMD, and Terpski.

  • 2005-2009

    High School Diploma @ Fairport High School

    Fairport, NY

    While are Fairport High School, I graduated in the top echelons of my class with a 4.0 GPA. I took several Advanced Placement and Syracuse University college-level classes preparing me for the University of Maryland. I also participated several organizations and student groups—the National Honors Society, the Alpine Ski team, Track & Field, the LEO club, and the Asset Program.

Skills & Things about me

Punctual & Dedicated
Web Developer
Organized & Hard Working
Application Developer
Quick Learner & Flexible


My latest projects

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Awards & Recognitions

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Take a Penny, Leave a Penny

Monday, February 15, 2016

Intellectual Property

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Alex Tonetti Photography

Monday, February 1, 2016


Friday, January 1, 2016

Graphic Design


What can I do

Software Development

End-to-End Custom Application Development, Code Testing, Tool Creation, Scripting


Event Photography, Before-and-After Client Photos, Headshots, Stock Photos, Business Photos.

Data Analytics

Data Manipulation, Cleansing, Processing and Analysis of Structured and Unstructured Sources.

Consulting Services

Able to Easily Communicate Technical Concepts, Excellent Collaborator, Autodidact, Polymath.

Web Development

Creating and Customizing, New and Existing Websites. SEO Optimization, Speed Improvements, Site Analytics.

Graphic Design

Logos, Posters, Ads, and Other Promotional Materials for Businesses or Events.


What do I use

Languages & Technologies

Java, C, C#, Visual Basic, Python, Ruby, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Maven, Swing, JUnit


Eclipse, NetBeans, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop,

Operating Systems

Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS X (Snow Leopard-El Capitan), Linux (RedHat, CentOS)


Get in touch with me


Washington, DC